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Text Compression :

Describe the difference between analog and digital data

Why do we need to compress data?

What are the 2 possible types of Compression

What type of compression can we use for TEXT files ? 

Name 3 methods of Text Compression

Keyword Encoding

RLE Run Length Encoding

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Huffman Encoding

Topic 1 —System fundamentals

List 1 advantage and 1 disadvantage of parallel running 

What makes  a software system a  legacy system ?

Describe one advantage and one disadvantage of using observations to gather information when planning a new system

Topic 6—Resource management - 6.1.1 - 6.1.8 

A computer is to be used to play video games it has 1 GB RAM and a single processor -  List 2 Problems / Limitations that the user will encounter

Describe the difference between interrupts and polling within an operating system

How does paging/swapping play a role in Virtual Memory

How does paging/swapping play a role in Virtual Memory

Topic 4  - Introduction to Programming and Data Structures

4.3.1 List 4 fundamental operations of a computer

How can a Computer perform complex calculations?

4.3.2 Distinguish between fundamental and compound operations of a computer?

4.3.3 Explain the essential features of a computer language.

What is a high level programming Language

4.3.4 Why do we need high level programming Language?

4.3.12 What is the purpose of a  procedure / function in a program

4.3.5 What is the role of a compiler

Languages like C need compiled before can execute are all languages like this? 

What is a virtual machine?

4.3.6 Define the terms Constant,Variable,Operator,Operand,Constant, Object 

4.3.7   Define the operators >, >=, <, <=, MOD and DIV

Why do we have Constants in programming languages?

IB Formal Quiz  Flash Cards

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// FirstLetter(“CITY”) will return the first letter of the word “CITY”

// Elements are stored in an array called CITYNAMES

loop for C from 0 to 99

     if FirstLetter(CITYNAMES[C]) = “D” then

        output CITYNAMES[C]


end loop

// assume REVIEWARRAY contains the data

// find the average review score of movie in col 2


loop J  from 0 to 2


end loop 

  OUTPUT ( "Average " + MOVIESCORE / 3) 

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