Web Science Paper 2 example


For this exercise you will be the examiner. Below is an actual web science question and a student response. In addition I have supplied a copy of the marking scheme. Your task is to mark the paper.  Please post below your marks in a table format with a brief note to  support the  mark awarded.   example below

Question Part







Student ......

Question   8   

Question   8   Marking Scheme

Student Answer

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Natcha says August 20, 2017


8A 3 The student identified all 3 steps.

8Bi 1 The student provided a specific reason.

8Bii 1 The student the clearly stated the reason.

8C 4 The student explained all the important points and provided an example.

8D 6 A clear discussion is presented from both search
engine definers and website developers.

Kenny says August 22, 2017

8A 2 The student did mention about pages the web crawler came across and visit all the URL within the page, but didn’t mention about repetition of the process, or until a condition is meet.

8B 0 i.) The student didn’t mention about linking to the main/surface web, but rather vague unaccessible links and URL. ii.) The student broadly talks about connection with database, rather than queries that generate the webpage.

8C 2 The student didn’t define hub and authorities explicitly, but did mention about important of page ranking and importance of it.

8D 4 The student did mention about acceptable, unacceptable practices for web developers and talks about the method behind such practices, but not extensively. Also, the student did mention acceptable practice for search engine designer but not the unacceptable practices.

Gavin says August 23, 2017

8A, 3: The student have met the require all 3 steps.
8Bi, 1: The student provided a broad answer which requires more details
8Bii 1: The student provided little detail, requires more reasoning.
8C 4: The student explained the important points and provided examples with each of the explanation.
8D 6: The student provided a clear discussion for search engine definer and website developers

Pete Jantarangsi says August 23, 2017

8a 3/3 the steps are meet
8b.1 1/1 student give one of the realistic reason that can be happen
8b.2 1/1 the reason was explained
8c 3/4 the students provide possible reasons and explanation with an example but hub need clarification
8d 5/6 All possibility of search engine developer and website developer action have been given but designer are less.

Eamonn says August 26, 2017

Thanks everyone for your responses , Kenny makes some good points, you all had good and valid points. I will share a link to the marking schema next class and we can discuss

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