Scratch Game

Review Scratch Code

Task 1

End of mid term project 

Maze Game in Scratch

Create a game in which the key sprite can be navigated through a maze picking up objects on route. Points are awarded for each object. Give the game a unique theme. Can you add an element of surprise during the game using random function?  Have you add an introduction, have you added music? Will the player lose points for any reason? For an example of a simple game click here 

You may work either individually or in pairs. Class presentations will be next Tuesday the 27th. Please ensure you have created a Scratch account and save your work to file on a regular basis.  Please see marking criteria below




Maze is designed so that sprite can navigate through maze with some difficulty.


Sprite moves through the maze with the arrow keys


When sprite hits a wall, it ends or resets


Sprite resets to proper x and y coordinates each time Green Flag is clicked


Win and lose message or action


Maze has a clear defined ending point


Maze resets each time Green Flag is clicked. An introduction screen is displayed at the start.


Total Points: 100

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