12 Dec 

Convert pseudo code below into Python ( can use

TRACE and show workings in a trace table

Add in print statements to show the contents of the variable SUM during each iteration

11 Nov 2018 Lesson Primitive Types

  • All students can identify primitive types
  • Students can use the string function in Python
  • Define the terms: variable, constant, operator, object.
  • State the fundamental operations of a computer
  • Understand the difference between fundamental and compound operations

Log into your coding bat account and complete String-1 Exercise

Subroutines Functions

  • All students can implement a subroutine in Python - also called procedures /  functions   
  • Students understand the role of subroutines in program design
  • Students understand the role of comments in program maintenance

Grade 11 Join Python Classroom by following this this link  and complete assignment

Grade 12  join with this Link Click here

Loops and Trace Tables -  Learning Objectives

  • Understand the difference between a for loop and a while loop 
  • Follow program flow and create a trace table 

Mini Project:

  • All students are able to devise and create a small program in Python.   
  • All students can use (  loops, Boolean logic and conditional statements(if else statements). The use of an array data structure is optional The program should be interactive so you should have both input and output   
  • All students can document their program - so it can be easily understood and also easily maintained in the future

For inspiration please look at examples from the 2 links below: These can be used as a starting point , but you need to enhance and ensure that the end product/program does contain the programming constructs above and is not too trivial.  

Click HereClick here

Your Solution should include:

  • 1
    A description that details the  purpose of your program  
  • 2
    Proof of a structured approach to program design ( flow charts /pseudo code 
  • 3
    Set of test data , program should be robust not crash, test for expected and non expected input ( extreme cases ) 
  • 4
    Create a new web page and provide link in Google Classroom when finished

Loops and Trace Tables -  Learning Objectives

  • Understand the difference between a for loop and a while loop 
  • Follow program flow and create a trace table 

Loops and Trace Tables :  Please click here

Link to Iterations exercise please click here

Complete the logic-1  exercise THEN begin work on lists/arrays, click here to get started

Jupyter Load Instructions

Locate and Run Jupyter Notebook  from the start menu

If can not find Jupter Notebook  Then open Anaconda and type into control panel Jupyter Notebook

Select new from the Open Menu ( see image below )

Python Documentation

Documentation on Python user Functions click here

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