Product Review 2014


The Internal Assessment component (IA) accounts for 30% of the Standard Level grade and 20% of the Higher Level Grade.

The IA consists out of 5 parts and can be no longer than 2000 words (excluding any appendixes & footnotes/bibliographies). The video can be no longer than 7 minutes.

Click on the criterion name to see our student guidance on each part:

Criterion A – Planning – 6 marks

Criterion B – Record of Tasks (RoT) and Design – 6 marks

Criterion C – Development – 12 marks

Criterion D – Functionality (Video) – 4 marks

Criterion E – Evaluation – 6 marks

Please note, from 2016, the Group 4 project (worth 6 marks) is no longer added to the total of 34. There will be guidance on how exactly grades will be calculated soon, but in the mean time (and for illustrative purposes only) the grade boundaries, which are adjusted year on year in any case, are roughly as follows:

Solution Review 2014

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