IB HL Paper3 Case Study 2022 Genetic Algorithms

Case Study 2020 Block Chain

About Paper 3

The paper is normally written on the same day as paper 2 and has a duration of 1 hour, with a maximum mark of 30, counting for 20% of the total subject grade. Every year, it is a based on a case study or scenario that changes.

Marking Bands


CASE STUDY Questions

CASE Study Student Notes

Write Notes under the following headings

CASE Study Knowledge and understanding:

Terminology Guide

Additional Terminology

Brute force approach
Combinatorial optimization
Computational intractability
Crossover / crossover operator
Exploration vs exploitation
Fitness / fitness function / fitness landscape
Hill climbing
Initialization parameters
Local extrema
Mating pool
Mutation / mutation rate
Novelty search
Premature convergence
Problem space
Roulette wheel selection
Selection strategy
Simulated annealing
Stochastic universal sampling
Termination condition
Tournament selection
Truncation selection

Lesson One - Homework

Read the Case Study and summarize the introduction section

In your research so far have you come across any protocols ?

What is Section

What is a Hashing Function

What is a Good Hashing Function

What is SHA256 Hash Generator

what is Immutable transaction

what is a trapdoor function

What is a Merkle Tree ( also known as a binary hash tree )

Quiz Time

Slide Shows & Lessons

Paper 3 Long Question

Paper 3 always ends with a long discussion question. The time is one hour so allow 2 minutes per point, for example if the Long question   is for 12 points allocate 23 minutes. If short question is for 4 mark allocate 8 minutes. This will help ensure you spend the correct amount of time on each question.

=== Long Question (12 marks) ===

- Suggestions for the responses ---

… USE TECHNICAL VOCABULARY whenever possible and sensible.

… Your response to this question(s) should be 1-2 pages long, depending on the size of your writing.

… and it must be completed within 20-30 minutes, as there are other questions on the exam.

… Hence, you may only give partial responses to each part of the question.

… Be sure to address ALL parts of the question(s), albeit briefly, rather than one part in depth.

… Keep in mind that there are no "RIGHT" answers, but there are better and worse answers.

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