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    • System design basics and Data Loss
      System backup Slide Link What is data redundancy and how can it be used to prevent data loss. Activity A list a range of causes that can result in data loss. Choose 4 and explain by giving an example. Example user error.. User hits exit without saving and suggest how that might have been prevented Activity B Using an example other than school records outline the consequences of data loss. Activity C You have been tasked with Implementing a set of procedures to limit the risk of data loss. Details these with an explanation of why they are necessary ( use the same scenario) as in Activity B Components of a computer system Slide Link Past Paper Question A small company has a LAN connecting its various desk-top computers and peripheral devices. The company is going to provide Internet access to its LAN. (a) State the name of an additional hardware device that would be required to permit Internet access. [1 mark] (b) Explain how a firewall would help to provide security for the LAN. [3 marks] (c) Suggest, with reasons, two further measures that the company should take to safeguard its data from unlawful access via the Internet. [4 marks] Q What hardware component is needed to extend a LAN to a WAN? Q Outline 3 key differences between a Switch and a Router. Q What is the key difference between a HUB and a Switch? Q We looked at hardware components to set up a LAN what are the hardware components need to set up WLAN
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    • Topic 1—System fundamentals Week 3
      Software Link to Google Slide What is the difference between local computing and cloud or remote computing Why is remote hosting called cloud computing ? Give some examples of cloud applications / software? Software Updates What is the difference between a patch and a software release ? What is the difference between manual and automatic updates? What is end of life software? Create a company policy for Software Updates ( what you should and should not do ) End User Training Choose 2 methods of delivering software training and compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages. Data Loss Best Practice The Power school application at Wells is hosted in house. A weekly backup is taken, which is stored in the cloud. What are the dangers with this policy? Formulate a new fail-safe backup policy, money is no obstacle. Will your new policy make data 100% safe?
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