IA Kickoff 2021 Year 11

Please Review Sample IA with Moderators Comments

Internal Assessment Computer Science

Moderators Comments

The teacher was consistent but generous in awarding marks.
A: Evidence of consultation must be explicit (e.g. an interview in appendix). The evidence must be referenced and discussed
during the description of the scenario. A clear rationale must be offered both for the product and the software used to create the
product, typically by considering alternatives. The reasons for choosing the software must be product-based.
B: The design overview should include internal structures (data structures, object details, algorithms, database/file structure
description etc.) and the overall structure (user interfaces and connections between them).
For completeness the record of tasks should include all 5 stages - plan, design, develop, test and implement – in that order.
A test plan should be included addressing how each success criteria stated in criterion A will be tested.
C: All the techniques listed must be well-explained, justified and illustrated for higher marks to be awarded. To obtain higher
marks the student must provide a complete list of techniques used, detailed development documentation, explanations with
screenshots and include references where appropriate. Any included code/ERD/SQL statements must be explained and
commented to show evidence of algorithmic thinking.
D: To show evidence of full functionality, the video must address all Criteria for Success (as listed in criterion A), use
sufficient test data, and show evidence of changes made to data structures and/or files.
Extensibility is judged by completeness of design, well-documented development and annotated code in an appendix.
Maximum marks cannot be awarded where these are missing.
E: Students must evaluate the success criteria based on client feedback by making direct references to interviews in an
appendix (explicit evidence) and discussing the client's opinion.

Examples of prev AI's

  • Personal budget tool
  • A web-based program that finds the best price for a food item in Warsaw. Limit food choices to 25 items.
  • A web-based program to manage exercise goals, exercise targets
  • a web based php text-based game
  • A locally-installed python script that performs network analysis tool that helps users clearly understand what might be wrong with a network connection application snooper (little snitch)
  • Arranging meeting time with counselors using google calendar API
  • A web-based program to automatically creates brackets for clubs and team events
  • A web-based program that makes scheduling free time with a teacher easier.
  • A google chrome extension that tracks how much time is wasted by a user
  • A web-based program to help students understand what school they might be accepted to with their GPA
  • A game to help users who are using assistive technologies event management system, time, type
  • School year 20/21

    27 May 2021 Deliverable

    Criteriion A

    • Planning Document
    • Upated Record of Task
    • Updated Appendix

    School year 20/21

    Criterion B

    Criterion C

    Criterion D

    Criterion E

    End User Name


    Any additional extras or interfaces / reports... to increase project complexity  

    10. Mr Raj 

    Computer Lab Inventory System for keeping track of machines, labs and machine info..IT Software DB - Our school has a large collection of software. The setup files are stored on a server, but without any documentation. We have a few lists of required software for various installations - the labs are different from the library, and those are different from the teachers' machines. A good support database would have records of the names of software titles, where they are stored, notes about installation tricks, as well as lists of software to be installed for specific machine types.

    Different types of categorization: physics field, alphabetical, synonyms, Vernier sensors, etc.

    11 counselors   

    College Application Database - useful for high school counselors who want to keep track of the students applications and college info

    Different types of categorization: physics field, aphabetical, synonyms, Vernier sensors, etc.

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