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    What might happen if you failed to include all users, example the end end users of the system. Can you find an example of a project failing as a result on not inlcuding stake holders

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    Then the final software product will not meet the user requirements and the users won’t be satisfied with the product. A good example is Digg. It used to funcion like Reddit. But, after the website decided to focus entirely on news and not forums, the users left and hopped on to reddit.


    The final software development may not satisfy the customers which would result in longer development time (different pivots to make), developers may not be paid and the end users may not use the product. An example is Google Wave. It was meant to be a platform that would allows users to make collaborations in real time and had the ability to drag-and-drop files from the desktop. However, because it did not include its customers/users in the process it failed. Users had difficulty understanding how to use it as it was very complex and it was also an invite only which users did not like. Google acknowledged that users did not adopt it as they hoped and decided to discontinue the platform.


    If you fail to include users then it might result in users not using your system. An example of this can be Google+ which was discontinued because it couldn’t address people’s wants and needs. People did not need Google+ as there were already alternatives such as Facebook so few people used it and it eventually had to be discontinued.

    Shiva Chandnani

    The concluding software or product must be made with consideration of the requirements of all stakeholders, if not certain end-users will be dissatisfied with the software. End-user dissatisfaction can lead to many negative consequences to the developer such as a bad review or customer feedback or in certain cases denying payment. An example of a project failing as a result of not including all stakeholders is google reader, it failed because they didn’t present their news the way most people view news. Today users with smartphones and tablets are consuming news in bits throughout the course of the day. Whereas google reader was designed for viewing news the old standard behavior of news consumption is over breakfast along with a long read at the end of the day. The failure to understand the needs of their end-users resulted in the product flopping and not gaining the audience it needed.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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