Dear Participants,

Various changes have been made to the extended essay process that are in use from May 18 examination session. That means the students will be assessed under new guidelines.

The principal changes in the new process involve the use of different assessment criteria, the introduction of the reflection process and the elimination of the abstract.

 A new extended essay website contains full details of the new process. It can be accessed through the inks provided in the module 4 notes- Page 7.

You will need to download the 2 essays and their respective reflection forms (RPPF for Criterion E- Engagement) and the assessment criteria. These have to be downloaded from the Sharing Resource Area (Folder - Extended Essay Material). Use the link below:

Try marking the 2 extended essays. The maximum marks that can be scored in EE is 34.

Upload the mark you think they would get with your comments.

The link to the EE website is here:

The link to the EE assessment criteria is here:

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