Web Science Paper 2 example G11


For this exercise you will be the examiner. Below is an actual web science question and a student response. In addition I have supplied a copy of the marking scheme. Your task is to mark the paper.  Please post below your marks in a table format with a brief note to  support the  mark awarded.   example below

Question Part







Student ......

Question   8   

Question   8   Marking Scheme

Student Answer

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Pornkamol says August 22, 2017

Question Part Mark Why?
8A 3 The student clearly explains the answer to the question
8Bi 1 The student’s answer matches that of the marking scheme
8Bii 1 The student’s answer matches that of the marking scheme
8C 0 The student did not clearly answer the question and it does not match with the marking scheme
8D 3 The student properly explained the website developers properly but missing out on some points (2/3) but the student didn’t give clear explanations on the importance of search engine de

Matt says August 22, 2017

8A = 2, This student started the answer well and end the question well, but added extra information in the middle.
8B = 2, This student gives good answer.
8C = 0, This student mentioned a bit about the topic and the rest were out of the question.
8D = 4, This student clearly state his reasoning but not completely.

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