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Lesson Access Intro  ( Intro to databases )

Learning Objectives

  • Can Describe what a relational database is and compare it to a flat database
  • Can use Table, Query and Report commands - Understanding of SQL
  • User Check
    Can understand the advantages of a relation DB and able to draw an ER Diagram and understand relationships

Data Redundancy



ERD Entity Relationships Diagram


Primary Key

Foreign Key


One to One

One to many

Many to Many



1 Creating a Query (15 mins)

Play and follow the first screen cast creating a query across multiple tables click here. The music store database has been uploaded to google drive so you may download to desktop and import into Access. Save your query with name OrdersQuery

Comprehension Task : Create a new Query to show Artist and Album information for your entire inventory. Run and Save Query as InventoryQuery

2 SQL ( Structured Query Language ) ( 10 mins )

When you make a query using the drag and drop design tool an SQL query is created in the background and it is this that creates the output. See example of  SQL by clicking here

3 Forms : Adding a New Order ( 15 mins )

The sample test database has Forms set up for adding orders : Imagine this could be a web page front end form using PHP to connect to database on the server - Add a new order following screen cast click here

4 Reports ( 5 mins )

Run a report from the sample database

Relationships Types

  • One to Many ( one customer can have many orders )

  • One to One ( one student has one homeroom teacher )

  • Many to Many

Example orders and products . One order can contain many products. One product can be on many orders 

Further Reading for Understanding of this important concept ( if part of your AI )

A Level IGCSE Click Here

Lesson 1PHP and MySQL

XAMPP Down Load Link  Version 7.2.  Click Here

Create a folder within the htdocs folder as in example below which will store your php programs

Download Notepad++ or an Editor of your choice

Connect to MySQL and Create a Database  

View Screen Cast For Help Click Here

$servername = "localhost";
$username = "root";
$password = "";
$dbname = "test";

// Create connection
$conn = new mysqli($servername, $username, $password);
// Check connection
if ($conn->connect_error) {
   die("Connection failed: " . $conn->connect_error);

// Create database
$sql = "CREATE DATABASE mynewDB";
     if ($conn->query($sql) === TRUE) {
        echo "Database created successfully";
   } else  {
      echo "Error creating database: " . $conn->error;


Create a Table with the Data Base

Need help View Screen Cast For Help Click Here

$servername = "localhost";
$username = "root";
$password = "";
$dbname = "mynewDB";

// Create connection
$conn = new mysqli($servername, $username, $password, $dbname);
// Check connection
if ($conn->connect_error) {
die("Connection failed: " . $conn->connect_error);

// sql to create table
$sql = "CREATE TABLE MyGuests (
firstname VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL,
lastname VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL,
email VARCHAR(50),
reg_date TIMESTAMP

if ($conn->query($sql) === TRUE) {
echo "Table MyGuests created successfully";
} else {
echo "Error creating table: " . $conn->error;


Create an entry in the Table 

$servername = "localhost";
$username = "root";
$password = "";
$dbname = "mynewDB";

// Create connection
$conn = new mysqli($servername, $username, $password, $dbname);
// Check connection
if ($conn->connect_error) {
die("Connection failed: " . $conn->connect_error);

$sql = "INSERT INTO myguests (firstname, lastname, email)
VALUES ('John', 'Doe', '')";

if ($conn->query($sql) === TRUE) {
echo "New record created successfully";
} else {
echo "Error: " . $sql . "<br>" . $conn->error;


Since 1990 web usage has shown tremendous growth to the point where it now claims a good fraction of humanity as participants, by relying on a simple, open client-server design: (1) the server communicates with the client via a protocol ( HTTP hypertext transfer protocol ). Easy to use and able to transfer TEXT, IMAGES, VIDEO and  AUDIO

Further Guidance

In your Presentation aim to make reference to the following:

  • 1
    Define the term Usability
  • 2
    Identify a range of usability problems with web sites - This may be extended to include other commonly used digital devices.
  • 3
    Identify methods that can be used to improve the accessibility of web sites or digital devices
  • 4
    Do you agree that the web should be accessible to all and why?  
  • 5
    Why do we need open standards

BONUS for explaining the link between Screen readers and Proper use of HTML tags 

Some Key Words


HCI Human Computer Interaction

Valid HTML




Valid HTML


Accessibility defines how the system can be accesses for information exchange and operation. This usually involves a keyboard, mouse and a screen. However, for some people using these methods to access the system is difficult or impossible.

HCI Human Computer Interaction

Internet Future Quest

Select a topic from below ( everyone must choose a separate topic ) use the web to research your response ) Your response should also explain any new concepts or  keywords/phrases used.  Prepare to present next class. Minimum time 3 maximum time 5 mins.  This is a great reference for most of what we cover in web science click here ( I might have infringed copyright! ) . A link to resources now available in  the footer section.


Why has it taken so long for the internet to encompass linked data. Explore how linking data has helped make advances in one of these sectors (Drug Discovery,Clinical Healthcare or Biological Research)


With the internet of everything discuss the implications for personal privacy and secuity using Wi-Fi and contrast this with Li-Fi


Explain the raise of Open Street Maps and the benefits that it has and will enable in the future, also make reference to the role of crowd sourcing, online communities, monopolies oligarchies.


What is the difference between the internet of things and the internet of everything include in your answer a real world analogy of the difference and include one example of how you would envision using it on a daily basis.


What is the relationship between Wikipedia and DBpedia. Why did search engines evolve , what role if any will the have in searching linked data. Discuss the need for browsers and search engines that support linked data.


Explain with examples why the web may be creating unregulated monopolies and or oligarchies. make reference to Microsoft and IE


The UK and USA governments have made data public, is this good how can this be used to benefit mankind back up your argument with any real world examples. How can privacy prevail in this world of linked data?


Facebook uses a business model that relies on capturing information and keeping it in a silo (away from the rest of the web). Pick an industry or a government that has a policy of sharing data and contrast these two approaches.


Create your own question/topic to research within web science 


Anything Can Have A URI

  • A book you bought last week
  • Your pet dog

it is the Foundation of the Web 

  • It holds the Web Together

URL  Identifies and locates

URI   Only identifies

A URL is just one form of a URI ( unique identifier example passport number ) House address more like a URL identifies and locates

C.4.4 copyright and intellectual property

C.4.4 Discuss the management of issues such as copyright and intellectual property on the web.

Intellectual property and copyright  Click Here to  Read

Students should investigate sites such as TurnItIn and Creative Commons ( From IB Site )

Web Science Paper 2 example G11


For this exercise you will be the examiner. Below is an actual web science question and a student response. In addition I have supplied a copy of the marking scheme. Your task is to mark the paper.  Please post below your marks in a table format with a brief note to  support the  mark awarded.   example below

Question Part







Student ......

Question   8   

Question   8   Marking Scheme

Student Answer