C.4.2 Cloud computing Over CS

Lesson Today -  C.4.2 Describe how cloud computing is different from a client-server architecture

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the Client Server Model 
  • Describe at least 3 advantages that cloud computing has over an in house client server model
  • User Check
    Able to describe one major concern of the cloud computing model 

Client-server architecture

An application gets split into the client side and server-side. The server can be a central communicator between clients (e.g. email/chat server) or allow different clients to access and manipulate data in a database.

 A client-server application does also not necessarily need to be working over the internet, but could be limited to a local network, e.g. for enterprise applications.

Cloud Computing

Some Advantages of Cloud Computing

  • Pay per use: elasticity allows the user to only pay for the resources that they actually use.
  • Elasticity: cloud applications can scale up or down depending on current demands. This allows a better use of resources and reduces the need for companies to make large investments in a local infrastructure.
  • Company has options to use any of these SaaS, IaaS or PaaS 
  • check
    Makes it easy for new start up companies - no big investment needed upfront

Teacher Notes:

Some Compelling Reasons to Choose Cloud Computing

  • Can grow and shrink automatically
  • No need to buy in house servers -  Hard disks crash - have a life time
  • No need for special air con room and tech staff
  • Auto Configure  - Save time  creating your own topology
  • Abstraction don't need to be concerned how it all works 


If you have an in house client server set up: The server is used to host your web site and associated database: Your site takes off and you are swamped with users and your server can not cope because and you are losing business as bandwidth has exceeded.

2 In house options expand Vertically or Horizontally

  • VERTICAL  Increase processing power increase RAM
  • HORIZONTAL: Add new machines / servers  

SaaS :  Software as a Service

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