C.2.8-9 Suggest how developers can create pages that appear more prominently in search engine results. Describe the different metrics used by search engines

The process of making pages appear more prominently in search engine results is called SEO. There are many different techniques, considered in section C.2.11. This field is a big aspect of web marketing, as search engines do not disclose how exactly they work, making it hard for developers to perfectly optimise pages.

In order to improve the ranking of a web site Google uses many many metrics below is a few of the important ones.

Top Metrics

On Page

  • Make sure your site can be crawled and thus indexed avoid flash and provide a sitemap and good web site architecture
  • The Title Create a title tag with your key phrase near or at the beginning. The title should be crafted to get the user to click on your web site when displayed in the search results. The title must reflect the content of yourr site
  • Content will always be important it must be high quality and any information must be factual at least  1000 words for home  page
  • Freshness of content 
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Page load speed under 3 seconds
  • If link broker browser will return a HTTP response code 404. This should be detected by web designer and  provide a help page with user navigation.
  • Text Formatting (use of h1,h2,bold etc)
  • HTTPS 
  • Do Keyword Research to find what users actually search for and build pages for these terms

These are only a fraction that google will use, more recently they have given a very slight increase for sites that are HTTPS 

Describe the different metrics used by search engines

Naturally an overlap exists with what the web site developer should do to get the site high in the serps ( search engine results page)

On Page

Relevancy does your site provide the information the user is searching for. The user experience (UX) is becoming a big part as this can not be manipulated and in the future will play a much bigger role.  User Experience ( time user stays on site / bounce rate ). Many factors play a role in the user experience.  Load Speed, Easy Navigation ( no broken links ),  Spelling, quality and factually correct content, Structured layout 5 Use of images/video 5 page design colors, images video infographics and  formatting so it is easy to scan the page for relevant information. The idea is to get the user to stay on your site ( sticky ) . If a use lands on your site after do a search and leaves after a few seconds sends or even before the page loads ( slow loding ) the is a very BIG  signal to google that they should not have served up that result

Off Page

Back Links from other web site the more authoritative the site the better ( example huffington post ), The site that links to your site should also be relevant. Example if your selling dog insurance a site from a respected charitable dog web site would be a very big boost. A link from a site that provides car rental would have little impact as totally irrelevant.

Social media marketing FACE Book etc. Be a leader in your field and comment on relevant authoritative forums or blogs. Others users sharing via social bookmarking sites.

This an area in which you can manipulate the search results. If Google discovers this your web site will be dropped from index. So need to ensure any links are natural linking to an authoritative article  info graphic on your web site.

    What are some of the major metrics used?

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