C.1.8 Outline the different components of a web page.

    A web page can contain a variety of components. The basics structure of a HTML document is:


    This is not visible on the page itself, but contains important information about it in form of metadata.


    The title goes inside the head and is usually displayed in the window top of the web browser.

    meta tags

    There are various types of meta tags, which can give search engines information about the page, but are also used for other purposes, such as to specify the charset used.


    The main part of the page document. This is where all the (visible) content goes in.

    Some other typical components:

    Navigation bar

    Usually a collection of links that helps to navigate the website.


    A hyperlink is a reference to another web page.

    Table Of Contents

    Might be contained in a sidebar and is used for navigation and orientation within the website.


    Area at the top of a web page linking to other big topic areas.


    Usually used for a table of contents or navigation bar.

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