C.1.1 Internet & Web

Evolution of the web, different protocols and web technologies. Difference between static and dynamic web pages. External data sources. Role of the browser.

C.1.1 Distinguish between the Internet and World Wide Web

The Internet


a network of networks (infrastructure of network) 

Many people label www and the internet as the same thing. However the internet is connecting many different computers together, giving people the ability to exchange data within one another, such as the news, pictures, or even videos.

hardware or operator 2. WWW(world wide web) - operating system. The difference between Internet and WWW is that without internet their won't be a WWW. The WWW needs the internet to operate.

World Wide Web (www):

Tech: The World Wide Web, also known as “www” is a part of the internet, using web browsers to share information across the globe via hyperlinks.

Non-Tech: “WWW” is short for World Wide Web, and it uses browsers such as google chrome and firefox to access information online. It’s basically a software that allows us to connect to other people around the world.

Internet is the global network of networks of computers. Internet is networks of computers, cables and wireless connections, which governed by Internet Protocol (IP), which deals with data and packets.World Wide Web, also known as the Web, is one set of software running on the Internet. Web is a collection of webpages, files and folders connected through hyperlinks and URLs.Internet is the hardware part, and Web is the software part. Therefore, Web relies the Internet to run, but not vice-versa. In addition to WWW other examples would include VoIP and Mail which have their own protocols and run on the internet.

Q) Distinguish between the internet and World Wide Web (web)

(Distinguish: Make clear the differences between two or more concepts or items)

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