4.2 – Connecting computational thinking and program design (HL & SL)

4.2.1Describe the characteristics of standard algorithms on linear arrays 4.2.1Searching Click Here Sorting Click here
4.2.2Outline the standard operations of collections 4.2.2

Collections, Stacks & Queues Click here

4.2.3Discuss an algorithm to solve a specific problem 4.2.3
4.2.4Analyse an algorithm presented as a flow chart 4.2.4
4.2.5Analyse an algorithm presented as pseudocode 4.2.5Tracing pseudo and efficiency click here
4.2.6Construct pseudocode to represent an algorithm 4.2.6
4.2.7Suggest suitable algorithms to solve a specific problem 4.2.7
4.2.8Deduce the efficiency of an algorithm in the context of its use 4.2.8

4.2.9  Iterations     Activity Click here

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